I Survived

I have survived the first two days of school and second grade, granted the first day was an early dismissal, and the second day was Friday so now I’m enjoying my weekend! I did, however, come home Thursday evening after eating dinner with my parents, put my cold mask on my face, and went to bed at 8:30.

It never fails that with each new second grade class I forget how self sufficient my third graders are at the end of the loop. I’ve spent these first two days going over procedures and expectations. We’ve practiced what things look like and sound like. I only had a couple of students say the dreaded “I’m bored” sentence on one of many walks down the hallway. I maintained myself and gave back the “We don’t say we’re bored” sentence.

Next week will be the first full week of school and getting into a schedule routine. 🙂


2 thoughts on “I Survived

  1. Functional Slop says:

    There’s a wonderful picture book called “I’m Bored” (by Michael Ian Black) that you might want “a couple” of them to read. It’s all about a girl that is bored and how a potato inadvertently teaches her the being bored is a choice. (I know it sounds weird; but it’s cute.)
    BTW: I’ve noticed the same phenomenon with looping.

    • Jessica says:

      I will have to put my hands on that book! Thanks for the suggestion. Looping saves so much time at the beginning of the year. Next year at this time will be a breeze!

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