Read to Self, Read with Someone, and Listen to Reading

I’m slowly getting around to adding pictures of what Daily 5 looks like in my 2nd grade classroom.

Read to Self

Read to Self

My comfy black chair is a favorite of my kid’s to sit in during Read to Self. My kids can sit anywhere in the room as long as they are not right by someone to prevent disturbing a classmate. They have a book box that they fill in the mornings with “jut fit books”. We’ve been working on this a lot in the last week. The five finger rule has helped with this.

Read to Someone

Read to Someone

With this choice, they can sit anywhere in the classroom. These two have picked under the easel. They are to sit side by side, with the book in the middle. Once student reads, and the other is the coach if the reader gets stuck on a word. The coach will ask the reader, “do you need time or coaching?” This strategy is from the 2 Sisters.

Listen to Reading

Listen to Reading

My kids use the laptops to listen to stories read online. I have links on our class website that the kids can go to. They brought headphones/earbuds to use.

I’ll add Word Work and Writing soon.


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