Reading CAFE Board


I couldn’t be more pleased with how my reading CAFE board turned out. Thanks to a fellow teacher for giving me the large pockets, I have a place to keep my strategies until I need to add them to the board. I purchased my menu and strategy printables from Teachers Pay Teachers. I’ll have more pictures up soon of the rest of my classroom. Only a few more days until students and parents come for Open House.

End of July Itch

It’s towards the end of July and I’m starting to get that itch. You know, the back to school itch.  YIKES! Granted Open House is not until August 12th (my district does ours before school starts) and the first day isn’t until August 14th, I’m beginning to think about my classroom and what new things I want to do this year. Today I made a poster, rather than buy one. I made a trip to Dollar General for poster board which was 2 for 50 cents and markers for a couple of dollars. I then went back through the many posters I have pinned on Pinterest. I combined my favorite parts and made this poster that I can’t wait to hang in my classroom. I saved money by not buying the already made posters, plus it was able to custom it the way I wanted. The money I saved makes up for the Target $1 Spot trip last week. 🙂image