Reading A to Z Summer School Theme Pack

Teaching summer school gives me the opportunity to try out some new things I’m wanting to incorporate in my classroom next year. I’m using Reading A to Z’s Summer School Theme Pack. It’s broken down by 1st grade, 2nd-3rd grade, and 4th-5th. You are provided with a whole unit of study broken down into lessons spanning 5 days. All of the materials are provided too, such as the leveled readers and graphic organizers. You’ll need a subscription to print the materials. I would highly recommend talking to some fellow teachers and splitting the cost. I’ve done this with my grade level techers and a few others in the building.




Book Leveling

My classroom library continues to grow with each book order I place with Scholastic. Anytime I add more books, I try to locate the DRA (Developmental Reading Level), GRL (Guided Reading Level), and Lexile reading level. I then add these levels to the front cover of the book to help my kids identify if the book that looks interesting to them is a just right book based on their reading level. I have found two website to help with this task, that at times can be tedious: Scholastic Book Wizard and Lexile Framework for Reading.

The Scholastic Book Wizard allows you to search by title, author, keyword, reading level, or help you to find similar books.


I search for Fancy Nancy. All books with a similar title show in the results. I selected the first one to show the levels given and information about the book. I found my kids being able to use this site easily, and they actually wanted to find the levels of their books often. 🙂


There is also a Book Wizard app to use. I have it on my iPad and iPhone. It comes in handy when conferencing with kids. Also, the app features a bar code scanner to quickly find the book’s reading level.

The second website I use is the Lexile Framework for Reading. Like the Book Wizard, it allows you to search by title and author, but also by the book’s ISBN. You can also search by Lexile range which is particularly helpful if your trying to place more complex text in your students’ hands.


I searched for Fancy Nancy again and was given results for titles containing these words. If you select a particulate book you are provided with the Lexile, along with – summary and more books like this one.


This website also allows you to enter in a child’s Lexile to determine his or her’s expected comprehension of this book. This is a pretty handy feature.


These are two websites I find helpful in my classroom. What do you use in your classroom?

Share My Lesson

It has happened again! I have stumbled upon another great teaching resource with lesson plans! The website is Share My Lesson. The best part of this one is that you can network with teachers all over the word and it is free! You can search by Common Core State Standard, topic, grade, and subject. I haven’t played much with it to see just how much is on there, but from what I’ve found in the first few minutes, it’s a keeper!