Reading CAFE Board


I couldn’t be more pleased with how my reading CAFE board turned out. Thanks to a fellow teacher for giving me the large pockets, I have a place to keep my strategies until I need to add them to the board. I purchased my menu and strategy printables from Teachers Pay Teachers. I’ll have more pictures up soon of the rest of my classroom. Only a few more days until students and parents come for Open House.


Picture Books to Teach Reading CAFE Strategies

I am in a constant search for picture books to use during my Reading CAFE strategy lessons. I have found a couple of websites over the weekend that have lists of books that for each of the strategies. You can find the websites that I have found so far on the Reading CAFE page of this blog. I will be continuing to add more websites as I find them. I am also making a Google document with a list of books I have used this year with my 2nd graders.