Daily 5

The Daily 5 is the creation of the Two Sisters, Gail Boushey and Joan Moser. These two ladies are well known teachers from Washington. The Daily 5 was developed by the sisters to encourage literacy independence in the elementary grades.

The Daily 5 offers kids 5 choices to choose from. These choices are read to self, read to someone, listen to reading, word work, and work on writing. This past school year was my first time using the Daily 5 with my students and I absolutely loved it and so did my third graders. I have never seen a group of students who loved reading so much. They would beg me for more rounds of Daily 5 choices.

Let me explain how I have my kids select their choices everyday. I only had time to do 3 rounds so they only made e choices, two of which had to be read to self and word work, I slacked more on the word work everyday as the year went on and only asked the kids to do word work three times a week. Each kid had 3 clothes pins with their name. They made their selection by clipping their clothes pin to a choice. The picture below is borrowed from Primary Graffti, and mine was very similar to this, but I used round stickers for the kids to put their clothes pins on and to show how many kids could sign up at each choice during each round. If I have an odd number of kids signed up for read to someone I ask for a volunteer to change their choice.


I teach a mini lesson to model a reading strategy from the Two Sisters Reading CAFE first and then the kids go to their first choice. We practice what their jobs are at each choice.

Let me explain what each choice looks like in my classroom. I’ll start with read to self which is a kid reading alone anywhere in the classroom. They take all of their materials with them, including their reading notebook. As they are reading, they practice the strategy I have modeled and a strategy to meet their reading goal. I meet with kids during this choice to confidence with them about their reading.

Read to Someone – During read to someone the kids go with their partner with their books and read during the entire time. If they can’t decide which book to read they do rock, paper, scissors. The winner picks which book to read. The kids sit elbow, elbow, knee to knee. One kid is the reader and the other is the coach. If the reader gets stuck on a word the coach has a strategy sheet to help coach their classmate. They first ask their partner “Do you need coaching time or more time?” The coach then follows the strategies to help their partner on the read to someone sheet.

I will add more soon!


Word work – I teach a phonics lesson from our old basal reading series each week as a mini lesson. I individualize spelling lists for every kid. The words come from their writing. I have them underline words they know they didn’t spell correctly when they were writing and I also look through their writing to find more words. If they don’t have many words to add to their list I add some from the Fry’s Words.

The kids can practice their words by –
– rainbow words – using different colors of crayons to write their words in word work notebook
– scrabble – spell their words with Scrabble printable tiles and write the point value of each word on the Scrabble printable in a page protector
– spelling city website – this website doesn’t use the kid’s individual lists but it does give them practice of the phonics skill that week. I use Storytown reading series and Lakewood School has all of the words for this series loaded on the website. This link is for second grade.
– foam letters – spell words with foam letters (I found these at Walmart) and write in word work notebook

Listen to Reading – The kids listen to a book being read. I have laptops in my classroom so my kids use websites that I have bookmarked on our class website. Below are the ones we use:

Story Time for Me

Storyline Online

RIF Reading Planet

Read to Me

National Geographic Magazine

Gullah Tales

Work on Writing – The kids are writing whatever they like. They can write lists, letters, and stories. My kids keep a notebook for their Work on Writing.

Teach Em 2 Think – Daily 5 Resources

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