Smart Board Resources

My classroom is equipped with a SMART board which has come in pretty handy in keeping up with the ever changing technology, not to mention keeping the kids engaged in learning.

Like most teachers, I feel like I am constantly on the hunt for new or different resources of activities, games, and anything else I can include in my lessons. Below is a list of various websites I have come across.

If you have any you would like to add, please leave the link in the comments.

Thanks! 🙂

SMART Exchange – lesson plans and sources for your SMART board

Interactive Whiteboards and Web Tools – BrainPOP, timers, webinar, and math resources

Mrs. Meacham’s SMART Board Files – downloadable SMART Board files for SMART Notebook

Interactive Learning Sites for Education – interactive activities for all subject areas

TES iBoard Interactive Activity Finder – interactive websites in all subject areas for ages 4-11

Classroom Jeopardy – create a Jeopardy game

Harvey’s Home Page – math resources

Scholastic’s Interactive Activities for Math Instruction – primary, upper elementary, and middle/high school

Math Landing – math resources


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