Back to work

imageIt’s August, which is hard to believe, and I’m back in my classroom. I’ve been working the last couple of days on cleaning out my cabinet and unpacking books that didn’t have homes in book boxes. After two straight days of sitting on the floor going through books they are all in a book box. My book boxes are organized by author, topic, or genre. I’m going back through and putting new labels on the tut side of the boxes. On each label I write a box number and I also write the number of the back of the book. This helps the kids get the books back in the right place. I still have a lot more work to do like behavior card board, lunch choices, and reading CAFE check in. I’ll post more pictures as I get things up.

Books for Teaching Expectations at the Beginning of the Year

Just like when I am teaching a reading strategy, I like to use a picture book when I’m introducing classroom expectations at the beginning of the year. I think the kids can identify with the situations of book characters more than if I would just give them scenarios. I also think they are more likely to remember what it should and should not look like going through the lunch line, for example, if there is a story to go along with the expectation. Here we a few books I have found for introducing classroom expectations. Some of these books are also excellent texts for character traits for you counselor out there.


– A good book for homework expectations.


– Use this book for discussing what going to lunch and eating in the cafeteria will look like each day.


– This book was written to help young children see the difference between tattling and reporting.


– This book goes along well with the poster ” Fair isn’t everyone getting the same thing. Fair is everyone getting what they need to be successful.” A good book to help kids understand differentiated instruction.

All images and books can be found on Amazon.

Helping Kids Find Their Next Book to Read

I often find myself struggling to help my kids find a book that fits their interests, especially after they have just finished one. Book Pig is the answer to every teacher and students’ problems!
Search by author or book title to find book recommendations. You can also search for “more like this” to find similar books. By clicking on the author’s name you will find more books by the same author or by clicking on the series name to find more books in the series. There are over 20,000 books to choose from and if you can’t find yours you can use the “Request a book.”

I will definitely be adding this link to my class page for students to use. It will be helpful in encouraging them to reread other series and showing them books they might not find in their own.