Encouraging Good Behavior

Throughout the week my kids have the opportunity to earn tally marks. Each time they receive a compliment from another teacher, transition quietly, or do something without being asked they earn a tally mark. They can also lose tally marks for talking or not following directions. If there are only a couple of kids, talking for example, I have them pull a card. I will explain my behavior cards in another post. On Friday if they have earned 5 tally marks they can eat in the classroom. This past Friday was the first time they’ve earned this reward. I took advantage of my Netflix account and we watched a movie that we will finish this Friday if they earn it. My kids were so excited to do this. They strutted in and out of the cafeteria as the other kids looked on eating their lunches.



Night Before the First Day

It’s the night before the first day of school and it never fails…I can’t sleep. I have feelings of excitement and nervousness I like did in elementary school. I have my first day of school outfit laid out in bedroom ready to go in the morning. Hopefully I won’t be too excited to eat breakfast. It will be the first day of a new year and a new class. I have 22 2nd graders who will be new to the building and will need to be introduced, shown, and practice everything at their new elementary school. I’ve made my “about me” Smart Notebook presentation for tomorrow and tried to include things about me, which can be hard to tell about yourself! If your first day of school is tomorrow, good luck and enjoy it!