Night Before the First Day

It’s the night before the first day of school and it never fails…I can’t sleep. I have feelings of excitement and nervousness I like did in elementary school. I have my first day of school outfit laid out in bedroom ready to go in the morning. Hopefully I won’t be too excited to eat breakfast. It will be the first day of a new year and a new class. I have 22 2nd graders who will be new to the building and will need to be introduced, shown, and practice everything at their new elementary school. I’ve made my “about me” Smart Notebook presentation for tomorrow and tried to include things about me, which can be hard to tell about yourself! If your first day of school is tomorrow, good luck and enjoy it!

First Day Picture Idea

As I was scrolling through Pinterest and watching Big Brother (it’s my summer love) I found this idea from the First Grade Garden. This blogger made a “First Day of First Grade” frame for students to hold up as she took their picture.


These would be good to take home to parents after the first week. As a looping teacher, I would love to do this on the last day of their second year with me to really see how much they have grown.