Remind101 is a useful technology tool to communicate with parents. This website allows you to send a group text message without revealing your cell phone number or theirs. Remind101 can also be used with older students to safely text reminders and other notifications. There is a also an email feature if the parent would rather receive an email than a text. This is the quickest and easiest way to send a group message to parents to remind them of field trip money, an upcoming test, or anything else on your classroom calendar. We all know newsletters don’t make it home half of the time.

To access this tool visit to create an account. You can then create a class, or as many as you like. You’ll be given a number and a message for parents to text you. This will enable them to sign up to receive your messages.

One thing I love about Remind101 is that the site creates a note for you to send home to parents to explain the process of signing up. Below is the note for my parents. It’s in a PDF which made it easy for me to also load it to my class website just in case parents needed access to it throughout the year.

Remind101 is also available in an app to download to your iPhone, iPad, and android. The app makes it even easier to send a quick reminder to parents. Click here to go iTunes for the download.