Student Gift Bags for Open House

My summer teacher brain is really starting to swirl around ideas for the next school year, which by the way is 43 days away according to the count down on my school’s website. I haven’t started the laying in bed awake at night with random ideas for reading and math quite yet, but I have of course been on Pinterest scoping out new things to do in my classroom.

Today I came across a blog post on Sunny Days in Second Grade with a classroom tour. This teacher provided lots of classroom pictures of how her room is set up. She also included a nifty idea for student gift bags for Meet the Teacher. Inside she included a tri-fold brochure for parents to take home with classroom information, a supply list, and a guide book her previous year student created to let each new student know what they can expect in her classroom.(I attempted something similar to these guide books with my kids only we called it the ABC’s of how to survive in this classroom, complete with what to do to be on my good side and what to do to be on my bad side. Let me just say these were entertaining.)

Gift bag from Sunny Days in Second Grade blog.

Gift bag from Sunny Days in Second Grade blog.

I love the idea of these gift bags for the simple fact that they give the parents something to carry all the papers or “reading material” as I call they receive on Open House night, which at my school is a stack of papers. In the past I have placed the papers at each student’s desk for the parents to grab. This helps me keep track of what parents and students came by looking around to see whose desk still how the mound of papers. The gift bag will help with keeping everything together and hopefully making it to the house with the parents and not all over the car, that’s what happens to papers in my car. 🙂

In addition to the trifold brochure and various other paperwork, I think I would add in a small welcome gift that I always see on Pinterest for the student. Hmm, a refrigerator magnet with my phone number, email, and class website for the home would be neat too. Maybe I could get that going during these last 43 days.