Mini Lesson Monday

Toayd’s mini lesson uses a book by one of my favorite others – Kevin Henkes. The book Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse can be used for teaching the strategy making text to self connections.


In this story, Lily loved everything about school, including her teacher Mr. Slinger. She bring her purple plastic purse to school one day with shiny quarters inside and her new movie star sunglasses. She is very anxious to share her belongings with her classmates which leads to Mr. Slinger holding onto her items. This upsets her to the point that she doesn’t want to be a teacher anymore and draws a mean picture of her teacher. The story ends with Lily given the appropriate time to share her beloved purse, glasses, and quarters.

When I read this book to my students is stop often and start with the thinking stem “This reminds me of…” The kids will be able to share moments at school when they’ve brought something from home they really like to share, but have to wait or they will be able to connect to how Lily felt. I often use partner talk during this time. I ask the kids to find a partner with someone they are sitting by and have them share their thinking. I listen to all the conversations and then when a few minutes have gone by I share with the kids what I heard them talking about with their classmates.