Getting ready for next year

It’s June 23 and I’m already thinking about the next school year which I think might be the earliest I have started planning things out since I started teaching. This is the first summer I have taught summer school in while. I’ve been using my students as “testers” for different Daily 5 choices that I’m planning on using next year with my second graders. They are loving being testers and letting me know what they a liking and what they think could use some work. A few of these kids are students of mine that were in my class for the last two years so they know they can be honest with me and know I will not get upset with them.

Anyways…as far as planning for next year goes I’m going to again implement Daily 5 and the Reading CAFE as my reading instruction. The growth I observed in my kids this past school year is something I have never seen before, not to mention to love of reading that was developed in my kids. They would beg me for another round of Daily 5.



If you are not familiar with the Daily 5 and Reading CAFE I urge you to check out the Two Sisters website. They have lots of ideas and strategies. They have written books to help in the implementation of these two wonderful reading structures. Here is the link to their website…